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PS3EMX® is open source Playstation 3 Emulator with built-in bios files for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
The new version of PS3EMX® already support 99% of PS3 games.
PS3EMX®, is based on a plug-in architecture, separating several functions from the core emulator. These are the graphics, audio, input controls, BD Drive and USB ports.
Click here to go directly to the download section to download PS3EMX®.

If you have a problem with PS3EMX® Bios3.1_error watch the video below.

!PS3EMX® Bios3.1_error FIX Tutorial!

PS3 Emulator Download

PS3EMX® Setup (24.1 MB)

               Linux                                                                             Windows                                                                       Mac OS



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*Updates Logs*
November 5, 2014 – PS3EMX v1.25 – Latest version – Download
  • Recover from missing graphic dev
  • Add recovery tool for mis-sized savefiles
  • Added support for mouses
October 12, 2014 – PS3EMX v1.24
  • Fix failure in some cases of polygon clipping
October 7, 2014 – PS3EMX v1.23
  • Added possibility to resize and rotate emulation windows
  • Improve bootup bios/firmware emulation steps
  • Multicore optimization for filters, rotation, OSD
September 5, 2014 – PS3EMX v1.22
  • Synchronous SPU mode to fix streaming sounds
August 8, 2014 – PS3EMX v1.21
  • All options have tooltips explaining what each of them do
  • Special Game Fixes
July 3, 2014 – PS3EMX v1.20
  • General speedups
  • microVU speedup
  • New menus, for improved usability and faster configuration
June 8, 2014 – PS3EMX v1.19
  • Automated patching enabled now: known fixes/settings for some games can be enabled automatically.
May 5, 2014 – PS3EMX v1.18
  • Improved VU/FPU Flags and Clamping support (helps fix odd behaviors and SPS in some games)
  • Reverse phase audio quality improved
April 7, 2014 – PS3EMX v1.17
  • On the fly setting switching and even plugin switching
  • On the fly pause and resume, perfectly stable, safe and fast
  • NVM file creation
March 27, 2014 – PS3EMX v1.16
  • Better multithreading
  • Fix multiple frame/box letters sizing
  • Arc the Lad bad fog fix
  • Improved DMA system
March 14, 2014 – PS3EMX v1.15
  • Bugfixes for multiple button presses
  • Bugfixed memory leaks
  • Various OpenGL fixes
  • MFIFO fixes for DDR games
  • VIF Unpack optimizations
February 26, 2014 – PS3EMX v1.14
  • Better BIOS splash screen skip method, better ELF support, host fs support
  • Powerful new configuration that is more user friendly with its first time wizard, reset to default buttons and a global presets system
February 11, 2014 – PS3EMX v1.13
  • Advanced Options Section for custom tweaking VU/FPU behavior
  • Turbo/Slow motion settings for the frame limiter
  • New “fast CDVD” speedhack. Load levels as fast as possible!
  • GSdx is faster, more stable and has more configuration options than ever before
January 27, 2014 – PS3EMX v1.12
  • Hack for NVIDIA cards, solves problems with stretching on drivers above 320.18
  • Fixes to reverb
  • Added support for progressive scan timings
January 12, 2014 – PS3EMX v1.11
  • Windows 8 Support
  • New Interface
  • Added SDL Backend
  • Video timing adjustments
December 18, 2013 – PS3EMX v1.10
  • IPU fixes, including fully working sound in videos
  • New dialog configuration panel
December 2, 2013 – PS3EMX v1.09
  • Pause and sync issues, no more random hangs, looping etc
November 15, 2013 – PS3EMX v1.08
  • Fixed minor volume issues and doubled output volume
  • Improved EE/IOP synchronization (fixes many freeze-ups and vmhacks)
October 8, 2013 – PS3EMX v1.07
  • Removed hazardous MMX/XMMregister freeze/restore. Speedup and stability is improved.
September 9, 2013 – PS3EMX v1.06
  • Added thread timing information to see the CPU usage in the status bar
  • SPU3-X is the preferred SPU3 plugin now
August 30, 2013 – PS3EMX v1.05
  • Improved support of various pad (sixaxis)/mouse/wiimote
August 12, 2013 – PS3EMX v1.04
  • Added support for more controllers
  • Added support for pressure-sensitive buttons
July 28, 2013 – PS3EMX v1.03
  • Fixed shadows in software renderer
July 9, 2013 – PS3EMX v1.02
  • New shader resources
  • Texture cache change that fixes some black screening games
  • Fixed flickering in many FMVs
July 6, 2013 – PS3EMX v1.01
  • Added support for MESA drivers
  • OpenGL mode added

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